Unlocking during the Lock down

During these locked-down days, we are perhaps making more phone calls to friends and family, having conversations that we have been putting off for weeks, months, and years even. Alongside, some are rediscovering the art of messaging, drawing or calligraphy. Through such phone conversations and messages, dim and distant memories are being recalled and shared. School and college what’s app groups and zoom calls are born sharing pleasant and cheeky memories down the lane, reminiscing good and old times and friendships. Recreating friendships and though this is a lock down but expanding and unlocking the strength of friendships.

The lock down, one day, will end. In the meantime, we probably take moments to pause more often than we would usually, observing what is different and strange, or noticing what is ordinarily missed in the rush of the everyday. Utilize this time to explore what we always wished for but where pushed back due to other priorities and hustle and bustle of life. Watching and feeding birds, wearing a green hat and gardening, improving culinary skills and innovating great delicacies with family is something we will relish and miss. Who doesn’t enjoy playing with kids the ball games in the garden and board games after meals, cuddling on the sofa with children and having more movie nights? Enjoy watching a clearer sky, less dust and less pollution, distinctive rainbow colors. Give more time to exercise and focus on your own well-being. Though this is a lock down, but is life not giving us a chance to fulfill our desires and giving such pleasurable moments with our families and unlocking the strengths and bonds for us as family.

Let’s cull the positives out of these difficult times, and join hands and hearts praying for everyone.

Is this the new normal? Unlocking in lock down? So much of our happiness depends on how we choose to look at the world.  

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf


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