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Notting Hill, London — April 21, 2024: Press Release

On April 21st, 2024, the enchanting atmosphere of The Tabernacle in Notting Hill served as the backdrop for a transformative event, “Power of Value,” orchestrated by the visionary Kiran Syan Nota, a distinguished property solicitor and philanthropist with over two decades of experience. Kiran, renowned for her trailblazing spirit and dedication to empowering women, curated an evening of inspiration, empowerment, and community-building, marking the fourth installment in her acclaimed Series of Fortunate Events.

A prominent figure in the legal landscape, Kiran Syan Nota is more than just a successful property solicitor; she is a thought leader, game changer, and beacon of resilience. With an unwavering commitment to her clients and a fervent passion for philanthropy, Kiran seamlessly integrates her professional expertise with her mission to effect positive change.

“Power of Value” provided Kiran with a platform to share her personal journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, embracing change, and nurturing her feminine energy while excelling in the business world and raising a family. Through candid anecdotes and empowering insights, Kiran inspired attendees to invest in themselves, navigate change with grace, and tap into their inner strength to achieve success on their own terms.

At “Power of Value,” attendees were treated to a unique blend of thought-provoking discussions, dynamic speakers, and interactive workshops, all aimed at unlocking the potential within each participant. Whether you were a seasoned professional seeking fresh perspectives or a newcomer eager to learn and grow, this event offered something for everyone.

What set “Power of Value” apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering tangible value to every attendee. From keynote addresses by industry leaders to hands-on sessions that equipped participants with practical skills, every aspect of the event was carefully curated to empower and uplift.

Moreover, the inclusive nature of “Power of Value” ensured that individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries came together in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support. It was not just about networking; it was about forging meaningful connections and fostering a sense of community that extends far beyond the confines of the event itself.

List of speakers who made it all worth 

  1. Baiju Solanki, CEO & Founder of EnSpirit Global, blends psychology and entrepreneurship to unlock potential in leaders. With a background in academia and corporate sectors, he’s a renowned high-performance coach and TEDx speaker. His forthright approach addresses root challenges, driving transformative outcomes. Baiju’s commitment to inclusivity extends to his leadership roles in cricket and community initiatives.
  2. Renowned life coach Simon is celebrated for his captivating speaking engagements and groundbreaking insights on energy management. His global presence and media appearances underscore his expertise, while his best-selling book, “Energize,” cements his reputation as a transformative figure in personal development and well-being.
  3. Erin Kurt, CEO of The Elegant Life, is a beacon of female empowerment. Her radiant presence and profound teachings inspire women globally to manifest purposeful, joy-filled lives. She teaches the alchemy of spirituality and living by guides you towards your most elegant, empowered self.
  4. Robert‘s journey from humble beginnings in his family’s business to the founding of Roberto Revilla London is a testament to hard work and determination. With a passion for fashion cultivated from childhood, he now offers exceptional bespoke tailoring and unparalleled customer service, helping clients look and feel their best for any occasion.
  5. Jemelin Artigas, known for her appearance on BBC’s “The Apprentice UK,” has transcended reality TV to become a multifaceted entrepreneur, model, actress, and motivational speaker. As director of Let’s Go Latinas, she empowers Latina entrepreneurs in the UK. With her upcoming book, she aims to inspire others with her journey and insights.
  6. Imran Ahmed, founder of Success Psychology and Emotional Change Therapy, empowers individuals worldwide through transformational training. Inspired by his own journey of overcoming adversity, Imran’s mission is to guide others towards living meaningful and empowered lives. With decades of experience, he helps individuals rediscover their strengths and unleash their full potential.

Kiran has kindly donated the profits to charities who work for Honor killing (London Life Coach) & Smart Works Charity who help unemployed women with clothing and coaching.

In essence, “Power of Value” wasn’t just another event—it was a transformative experience that left a lasting impression on all who had the privilege to participate.

Photo Credits: Rakesh Photography

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