Breaking Stereotypes: Redefining Beauty Standards on the Pageant Stage – Rose Marok

Rose Marok , CEO of AGLP Enterprises & CIPD qualified HR professional, certified mental health awareness worker & a qualified Psychologist, also runs a dental practice with her husband in Solihull UK as well as brining up 2 beautiful children. She is a Winner of Mrs. India U.K. 2019 and later on went on to represent the United Kingdom in 2019 as Mrs. United Kingdom International.

Rose was awarded the inspirational leader of the year at the Vietnam International Awards in 2022 jubilee celebrations and her story was also featured in 100 successful women in business book as an awardee of Successful Women in business. She is brand ambassador for Roshni Birmingham, a charity organisation based in Birmingham , supporting BAME community to live free of violence, abuse and fear. Her mission and vision is to lead by example and she is a firm believer in the fact that to bring change in this world we have to be that change.

Rose Marok, created AGLP to develop and motivate the younger generation of ladies and all women around the world, to become role models that spread the message of self-confidence, achievement, kindness and authenticity.

Their mission is to teach and encourage resilience, self-confidence, creative accomplishment, community service, and recognition of our colourful culture from India, thus creating well-rounded young women. They have a goal to empower ladies  and to recognise the differences that they can make as both individuals and as a group in both the UK and the rest of the world. AGLP recognises that beauty is not just external, it also comes from within which is so important in today’s era where looks are just considered everything.

This May, AGLP ENTERPRISES LTD brings to you Miss Asia GB, Mrs/Ms Asia GB and Mrs Asia India, Non-conventional pageants, one of the largest, fairest & most influential beauty pageants in the UK and India. They aim to provide a platform where young Asians individuals will have the opportunity to display their artistic skills, intelligence, confidence, cultural pride and leadership in order to further advance themselves in society as well as raise their profile as well as for all Indian women living around the globe to come and connect with their community while displaying their skills, intelligence and leadership.

The pageant’s focus is to encourage community development and cultural exchange between India, the United Kingdom and other countries. The competition will be launched in different regions to find finalists. This will not just be another beauty contest but a transformation journey and birth of beauty, style and passion for each finalist and winners will then go on to represent the UK at many international competitions.

We are proud of Rose Marok for having such an amazing mission and wish her best of luck for Mrs/Ms/ Miss Asia GB and her future endeavours!

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