A bride Elevating Groom’s Fashion: The Birth of HIM Menswear

HIM Menswear originated as an idea in 2021 when Jasmin one of the founders was preparing for her wedding. She recognized a significant disparity in the shopping experience for grooms compared to brides when it came to selecting wedding day attire. Grooms were often treated as an afterthought, subjected to high prices, limited choices, and subpar service. It was in response to these observations that HIM was conceived.

The vision for HIM is to establish itself as the premier boutique for grooms. Their objective is to offer a bespoke groom’s wear service that is both affordable and stylish while delivering an enjoyable shopping experience. They firmly believe that every groom should receive an experience equal to that of their bride when it comes to outfit selection for one of life’s most significant days.

HIM has created a dedicated space for future grooms, ensuring that they can shop comfortably and choose the perfect outfit to complement their wedding day vision. To maintain this level of personal attention, HIM operates exclusively by appointment.

The founders aimed to create an environment where the focus is solely on the groom. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where grooms can leisurely browse and try on sherwanis, gaining a clear understanding of their preferences while being surrounded by friends, family, or the bride for valuable input. To simplify the shopping process, HIM offers an all-in-one service, including all necessary accessories with each part of the groom’s outfit. This eliminates the need for grooms to visit multiple locations to coordinate colors and accessories, as HIM takes care of these details. Additionally, their products are proudly made in the UK, ensuring a reasonable lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Recognizing that the wedding industry is a creative space for couples, HIM saw a need to modernize the groom’s role and his attire in the context of South Asian wedding shopping. They are enthusiastic about their contribution to this transformation and are committed to bringing grooms and their sherwanis into the contemporary era of wedding fashion.

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