From a young age, Amie True has always been captivated by the magical charm of music and the powerful influence it has over people’s lives. She began taking harp lessons at age 16, her fascination with the instrument sparked after attending an orchestral concert at the Birmingham Conservatoire. 

Over the last four years, she has passionately pursued her love for the harp, and now, at the age of 20, Amie True graces stages at the world’s most exclusive events and celebrations while continuing to develop her innovative brand, Amie True Music. 

Amie True continues to build her musical extravaganza, collaborating with prestigious fashion designers, gemologists, and haute couture stylists, all while gracing catwalks with her luxurious harp melodies.

Her recent performance in the LOTUS Mayfair showroom, for the launch of the STARR Luxury Cars member club, was a remarkable event that inspired her to consider the harp from a more technological and architectural perspective. With 44 strings and 7 pedals, the classic instrument holds limitless potential, and Amie is keen to curate her own bespoke sound on the harp, merging modern-day technology with one of the oldest instruments in history, dating back to 2500 BC.

Amie True Music stands for luxury, elegance, and sophistication, and she invites you to follow her on her innovative musical journey as she builds a brand that seamlessly blends technology, music, art, and haute couture fashion together.

We are super proud of our young Entrepreneur Amie True who is en-route to own a Fempire of her own. Thriving for success everyday and with each step coming closer to her dreams.

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