Rock Your Inner Queen with Velvet Rani Couture

A look into the VRC trends, styling, and runway fun!

Trendy, stylish, and the right amount of bling, otherwise deemed by us as understated elegance, all of which only comes to life if our outfits are wearable for all body shapes – and when we say all, we mean it!

Size inclusive clothing often misses the mark with its “one style to fit all sizes” approach, with variations in silhouette or design preferences often being overlooked; this is where VRC have you covered; with the option to choose from bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear styles, ANY-BODY can be tailored for.

Knowing you can shop your size and customise your outfit means you are halfway there; the other is choosing your perfect style. Here’s a few VRC tips to help: 

  1. FEEL COMFORTABLE! Gone are those days of ill-fitting and irritating formalwear, it’s all about expressing your personality and only worrying about having fun.
  1. LOVE THE COLOUR! From vibrant to bold, floral, or softer hues and delicate combos, if you feel good wearing a certain shade, then you’ll look great too! 
  1. EMPHASIZE YOUR FEATURES! we have all heard of the saying, “if you’ve got it flaunt”, do exactly that, and why not nail your outfit with the right fabric choices. As a rule of thumb, soft fabrics flow and skim the body, while structured fabrics add definition.
  1. Lastly, remember, just like one size does not fit all, one style doesn’t suit all…do it your way, and do what makes you smile from the inside-out

When it comes to your personal style, the only rules to follow are the ones that you know work for you. You don’t have to follow trends if you don’t like them. Allow your style to be a reflection of your personality, and make you feel confident to #RockYourInnerQueen

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