New Travel Trends of 2023

2023 has introduced very thoughtful and responsible tourism trends to the world. Post pandemic the whole world has renewed with a fresher perspective to every trend. Travel lovers are more conscious towards the impact of their decisions while making their choices of destinations, mode of travel and over all behaviour while they travel.

Travel has become more essential than nice to have once a year. While people value life more than ever, they want to make up to lost opportunities due to Pandemic. With this extreme shift in travel mindset comes a shift in the needs of travellers. Lets see some travel trends in 2023 from Bonvoyo Team:

Trend 1: Sustainable Travel

Travellers has become more aware and conscious of their own and surroundings well being. Sustainable travel is trending a lot and is very favourite of conscious travellers. Since, 2023 is the year when sustainability and mindful travel is at the forefront and a great decision-making factor. Travelling with ethics and appreciating the culture is something which is trending among responsible travellers. Appreciating local culture and using and buying from local businesses adds up to a sustainability touch to your travel.

Trend 2: Gen Z Travel

Gen Z are the trendsetters and there is a noticeable outburst of travel necessity among GenZ. The generation is quite terrified with the idea of getting stuck indoors. Pre Pandemic no one could ever imagine a life inside the walls of the house. Pandemic has improved the behaviour of GenZ in many ways where they intensely want to go out travel and learn as much as they can.

GenZ has a bucket list which has more of travel then any materialistic things which is a great and positive shift in their behaviour and perception of happiness.

Trend 3: Train Travel

Train travel is a new fad according to Pinterest Predicts. Train routes, beautiful landscapes with this slow travel is a new luxury of travel. This trend is picking up so much that new train routes have been introduced with significant discounts. Do check out new train routes, introducing more luxurious train travel experiences. Train Travel obviously reduces carbon footprint by an average of 90%.

With comfortable travel, spacious seating, beautiful sceneries is something which attracts travels more than ever now.

Trend 4: Media Tourism

As we shifted to more of digital world with 80% of our times on screen 2023 trends cannot be complete without this trend. Influencers are going to every level to create content and fill their social media grids with unique experiences and exploring the whole lot of world through their lens. Tours attract more of content creators now and few are specifically designs tours only for TV, media, content creators and influencers who are making waves in you tube, TikTok etc. Tourism industry has got a great boost due to these influencers who regularly create content.

Trend 5: Wellness

Wellness at large is trending now a days. Not only limited to travel, we see wellness factor included in every aspect of our life and has become a vital part of our being. Good enough that we are more concerned about not only our physical wellness but mental wellness as well. Retreats, wellness tours, are not anymore for elderly couples, but has attracted every age group.

Holistic health experiences including digital detox retreats to disconnect from technology or immersing in the silent serenity of nature, distraction-free time has become a high priority.

Despite the fact that there is a time of economic uncertainty and a lot of post-pandemic restrictions, people are still prioritising travel adventures and looking for opportunities to travel more. It is high time to advantage of these travel industry trends.

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