Dream Chaser – Eng. Maitha Albalooshi

Always a go-getter since day one, Maitha Alblooshi gained her bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering and said to herself that it wasn’t enough and so she started studying in the hospitality industry. Although she knew it was two very different streams, she claims to have enjoyed it to the fullest, going around the hotels in UAE and learning about customer service, management etc. She feels luck favoured her as when she graduated with a diploma in hospitality, she was chosen as the first UAE ambassador in Switzerland and then she thought about starting up her own event management business as an entrepreneur. 

Aged 22, Maitha Alblooshi started presenting her projects in the innovation club at exhibitions. Despite other people’s advice to drop the act and focus on her career, she continued to do so and was one of the five lucky students to have been selected regarding initiating the innovation club for the first time in the history of her university. Her colleagues stayed impressed by Maitha’s presentations and it provided her with a certain level of exposure whilst having the chance to display the club projects.

Self-belief led her to develop her skills and learn from her mistakes, asking for feedback while focusing on her strengths. Taking up the various random roles for different opportunities came to be very important as the university vice principal selected her as the MC (Master of ceremony). She exclaims “I never thought I was capable of being a person who can stand in front of a large number of people, seeing the audience and noticing the spreading positivity among them gave me the feeling that this is what exactly I want to do in the coming years.” 

Thinking ahead for her career, Maitha became a Scrum Master at Emirates NBD and channelised herself towards focusing on leadership, innovation and positivity. The question of ‘how to implement my knowledge globally and not just in UAE’ came up. She has been chosen to be a part of an existing project in Spain which focuses on the next generation and has been chosen as a  Ras-Al-Kahimah City Chair – UAE of G100 Oneness and Wisdom, and founder body of the 4th Club G1000 – Global Business Leaders. 

At present, Maitha Alblooshi is focusing on the young generation as she considers that they are the future of UAE. Giving them training, and being a coach for leadership is something she feels content about and she feels honoured to have several awards under Excellence in youth leadership in 2022,  the top 50 Global Inspirational Women to look out for in 2023, top 50 inspirational leaders to look out in 2023, Most influential Women in 2023, and founder of Be You which encourages people to become and believe in themselves.

“We call it women empowerment, if we own the mic we will keep the stage on fire”.

Maitha Al Balooshi

Maitha recalls the whole story of her journey and shares that it was not all too easy as she struggled a lot at her age and second was time management. At 26, Maitha Alblooshi claims to have done this all in under a span of three years, but she always says that gender, age and nationality doesn’t matter if you have a dream to chase. Managing it all together was tough for her but she reminded herself that life is a space of opportunities that need to be taken, and even if she has a rough day, she believes in always supporting people who are in need because they reciprocate similarly. 

“People ask me where I see myself after 5 years and I can say that I will follow my leaders’ journey and stamp my footprint in UAE to become known globally. Also, I see myself in a position which will allow youth leaders to follow my journey and take me as a guiding light”.

She urges the youth across the world that they are all leaders and must never lose hope. Being smart and patient will help them in achieving what they wish to be, as everyone is unique in their own way but they just need to believe in themselves!

Lastly, she shares with the readers one of the lessons that she grew up with, and that is to “always stay true to yourself and never let anyone distract you from your goals, also remember that challenges are what make life interesting in achieving what you want!”

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