“Become An Art” – A project of Empowered Women

Art has an eternal dimension and a woman is a constant source of inspiration for art. A magical woman, a dreamlike woman, a romantic woman, an intriguing woman, a creative woman, a flower woman. Beauty has a specific dimension. This specific dimension is a woman.

The Woman therefore Becomes An Art.

Eva has teamed up with Chocherko Art for the Become an Art Project. The first art created was a collaboration between , Eva Karbowinski Photography, Makeup Artist Rose Yesmin Ben Hammouda and Chócherko Art. It is a kind of transformative, personalized artistic journey, through styling, professional photo session until the creation of a pop art customized portrait.

The project was conceptualised and designed by these 3 incredible ladies who brought this masterpiece which is now being showcased in Dubai Mall. The first edition of the project was presented on 8th of March 2022 in the Polish Pavilion at Expo 2020 during the celebration of the International Women’s Day with a special participation of our first model Yesmin Ben Hammouda and polish Folk Design.

We celebrate their success and happy to present this masterpiece as our cover story which is an ode to these empowered women.

If you are in Dubai and want to be part of the project ‘Become an Art please connect with Eva Karbowinski Photography.

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