Accolade State of Mind!

Accolade Parfums® is fresh on the scene and becoming a known name in the niche perfume market through its global fragrance community.

The essence of Accolade Parfums – Praiseworthy parfums for praiseworthy people. 

The lady behind Accolade Parfums is Anjam Haling, born in Southall, West London. Anjam worked hard since the age of 15 and after college she chose an apprenticeship route for financial independence.  She has experience spanning over 25 years in General, Account, Finance, Project, Business and Brand Management for private, international firms and multi-national companies.

Extraordinary events in Anjam’s life came with betrayals in the workplace, business, friendship, and personal life, all of which eventually paved the road to success. This parred with her zest for freedom, travel, and passion in her work, attributed to her love for diversity, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and strong character. 

In 2017, Anjam became a director of a consultancy company called Breakfast & Co London, coming up to the age of 40, taking on a role as a Brand Consultant for a luxury brands distributor, working with markets along the Silk Road, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan to name but some. 

During a business trip at the Travel Retail Expo Cannes, in 2018, accompanied by the CEO. Anjam met existing business partners such as Cartier, Bulgari, Lalique and multiple founders of upcoming niche perfume brands. Anjam observed these niche brands pitch their businesses, listening and gaining inspiration from founder stories which were profound leaving her star struck!

A meeting with Gulcheckra-begim was a turning point, the first female businesswoman to emerge from the Ex-Soviet countries. Begim LLC is a luxury distributor established 30 years in Uzbekistan. 

Begim presented their Perfume Treasure Collection dedicated to the Silk Road and World Gems such as Kohi-Nur and Ruby of Temür – Made in France. The Ruby scent spoke to Anjam and captured an inner essence and wanted to be part of this, having met, gained inspiration from many entrepreneurs through her journey.

By now Anjam was passionate about luxury heritage perfumes but realised niche brands deserved to be showcased. Anjam felt that the niche industry could play an integral part through recognition, as to her “niche perfumes are empowering in each detail”

Anjam feels that everyone should have the choice. Why shouldn’t we have the best things and recognition through every phase of our lives? 

A year on Anjam received blessings from the CEO to start her own venture and by then Begim was positive to work with Anjam in the UK.

After looking up the characteristics of her name “Anjam” the word Accolade came up. Accolade is an old-fashioned word for awards, honours, and merit. The ideology behind it appealed to her and fitted in with her experiences and mindset.

Accolade Parfums® pre-launched in August 2020 as an agent, online retailer of rare niche parfum brands in the UK.  You are invited to follow the journey and discover quality parfums dedicated to Beauty, Art, Culture and Heritage within Perfumery, with an Accolade State of Mind! 

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