Building A Workwear Capsule Wardrobe

With the rise of Sustainable Fashion and consumers beginning to understand the need for having a conscience in their fashion and style decision making, building a Capsule Wardrobe makes more sense than ever before. We live in a world where convenience is key and fast fashion retailers have made it all too easy to buy into new trends every season. Yet so many Women still find themselves stood in front of their bulging wardrobes at a loss, with nothing to wear. A Capsule Wardrobe saves you time and money in the long-term, and means less of a headache getting ready in the morning!

You can build a Workwear Capsule Wardrobe from 7 Key Items.

From these 7 items it is possible to create 25 different outfits (and more), you just need the know-how to pull the pieces together.

These pieces will last a lifetime in your wardrobe and are worth investing in. it should be possible to buy items which will work both for the office and for the weekend, if you know how to style them for different occasions.

Most offices are more relaxed in their dress code now, and more casual than they have been historically. This plays perfectly into mixing and matching your current wardrobe items.

Once you are happy with your reduced wardrobe, you can still add some fresh new pieces in each season, but in a more considered way, knowing what else you already have to work with.

Accessories and shoes can be a great way to do this, and the best way to add some print and colour into your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of colour and print in your workwear outfits. A lot of people shy away from colour as they don’t want to stand out and draw too much attention to their outfits.

You should be able to have a bit of fun with your work outfits and show your personality. Colour and print don’t have to be scary, you can play it safe with a colourful blazer, or a leopard print blouse, which will make your outfits more interesting.

My Top 7 Items are:

  1. The Blazer
  2. The Smart Trouser
  3. The Pencil or Pleated Skirt
  4. The White Shirt
  5. The Printed Blouse
  6. The Dress
  7. The Black Trouser (coated skinny jeans, black leather, black tuxedo trousers etc depending on personal preference)

I always advise clients to shop their own wardrobe, before moving on to create a wish list of what’s missing. You should get ruthless with your current wardrobe, think about what you truly wear on a day to day basis, and get rid of items that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Be true to your size, and don’t hang on to old clothing that you’re hoping to fit into ‘one day’. Be true to your lifestyle, if you no longer wear heels to work, or go out to occasions where you will need to wear them, then keep 1 or 2 pairs and ditch the rest!

This is where a Personal Stylist is invaluable, as we can provide an unbiased opinion on your wardrobe. A Stylist can offer expertise on what suits you uniquely, styling your existing wardrobe, whilst helping you to cull items which no longer serve you and find the must have pieces on your wish list.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide but would like some more personalised help, I have created the Sustainable Signature Style Solution™, a series of 5 sessions where you’ll uncover your unique sustainable style personality. You’ll learn how to achieve unshakeable confidence with your style, whilst becoming a more conscious consumer, saving you time and money in the long term. Look and FEEL good about your style.

Alex Standley, founder of Luxe Leopard Lifestyle

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– Alex Standley

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