Eyes are the integral part of any make up regime and good lashes are today’s daily essential. Many resort to false eyelashes; both temporary & semi-permanent which have their own pain points, can damage your lashes & make them fall out. Irritating eyes, discomfort & weakening of our lashes are all issues we have faced with false eyelashes.

Sabina Ranger grew up relying on false eyelashes to feel her best and open up her eyes to complement her round face, however, she found false lashes irritating, uncomfortable & heavy. Further, she found the eyelash glue would stick to her contact lenses, blurring her vision & creating a huge inconvenience. She felt she looked her best, but never felt her best. Her research found that a huge 97% of women have faced or currently face similar issues.

Having a 5 year background in product development, coupled with Sabina’s passion for high performing products, she decided to put pen to paper & come up with a solution to solve this problem, in an area of passion for her.

After years in the making, BELLA, a vegan, cruelty-free & clean focused beauty brand launched this summer. It’s tagline is Beauty Empowering You & 5% of all sales support mental health. It launches with its hero product ‘WANDERLASH’ which promises to give the ’30 second lash lift’; a total false lash effect without the pain & discomfort of false eyelashes. It has been made to outperform what is on the market.

“I embarked on a journey to create a mascara that would give the false lash effect without the pain! 3 years later – Wanderlash was born! With added innovative ingredients to care for your lashes! Hemp Extract (conditions & hydrates), Jojoba (promotes lash growth) & Blackcurrant (promotes thickness effect)”.

WANDERLASH Mascara truly empowers you with confidence & enhances your look

“Due to special patented brush technology, lashes are lifted, lengthened, curled & thickened. It has a buildable formula, perfect for daywear or an evening out. It builds volume FAST & you can keep layering for a total false lash effect. You can build the drama you desire”.

It is worth mentioning that WANDERLASH is free from many undesirable ingredients such as fragrance, allergens, parabens, silicones, talc & much more. People say it is the best mascara they have ever used and it is definitely our new favourite!

When asked about her vision, Sabina said “I want every lash lover to feel as good as I do whilst having their most amazing lashes! I would love to see BELLA as a global loved brand, with WANDERLASH being the no 1 mascara of many”.

Many exciting products are in the pipeline and will be launched soon, all centred around innovation. We can’t wait to follow BELLA’s journey ahead & share them with you! In the meantime, please check out www.bellaworld.com to buy WANDERLASH & follow @bellaworld on Instagram & TikTok.

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