7 ways I get unstuck when it all feels too much

As a single parent with five children and a business to run things can get a little overwhelming. You see, My household has one income, mine, and my kids are with me all the time; i.e. I don’t get every other weekend to myself. This means I cover everything a household and family of five needs, whether financial, practical, physical or emotional.

And yes… sometimes it all gets a little too much. Yet, I figure, if I can do this. If I can make this work, anyone can! Here are some techniques that work when I get stuck, and believe me, using all of them and you get really powerful!

  1. Walk

Or move, dance, swim, run, cycle. Whatever movement gets you from one space (in your head) into another. When my car broke down recently, I started to catastrophe-ize it. How would I manage? What would it cost? So I went for a walk and found solutions. As I walk, I normally talk to myself. I ask ‘how can I…’ and the answers come. 

  1. Meditate

It took me a long time to meditate, now I do it twice a day. I like to do 10-20 minutes of guided meditation using an app, or one I find on YouTube or Spotify. I like a guided visualisation, but you can choose some music or follow your breath.

  1. Trust

Look at your life. You have gotten this far, right? You are alive; you have a roof over your head, food in the kitchen, you pay the mortgage / rent / bills each month. So what’s to say this month will be any different? I apply that approach to whatever my problem is.

  1. Face the problem head on!

What are you avoiding? Is it looking at your finances? Or having an uncomfortable conversation? Looking at the problem is far less scary than you think it will be. 

  1. Take Action

Nothing happens if you don’t do anything. What small step can you take today towards solving your problem? Let’s take my money problem. I went through all my accounts, cancelled direct debits and ended subscriptions I didn’t need. I budgeted for the month and chased up any unpaid invoices.

  1. Ask for help

I emailed my coach to explain what I was dealing with and she asked ‘what referrals do you need?’. People want to help! And help can come in many forms. It could be talking to a trusted friend or seeking help from a coach, healer or other professional. It could be asking a family member to pick up your kids from school. 

  1. Journal

I love writing, but I really find it hard to journal when I feel rubbish. Yet it works. Start writing by hand, anything. ‘I hate my life; I have no money and the kids are asking me what we are going to do for the holidays….’ Get it all out and keep writing. Aim for three pages and solutions will come. The process of writing by hand involves the brain in a much more active way than using a keyboard. 

Written by – Victor Price

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