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Henika is the Founder of the School of Sensual Arts. She grew up in England with an Indian household abundant in tantra rituals and yoga but it wasn’t until she experienced sudden grief that she realised just how profound these tools are. She’s lived in Asia for several years, collecting wisdom to help move her body, energy and emotions from numbness and depression into awakening and abundance.

These are the very tools she now shares with the world. She is also training in Individual and Couples Psychotherapy and Counselling with a specialism in psychosexual studies with one of the best institutes in the world for research on relationships!

Her community is leading the sensual revolution. By translating ancient wisdom for modern life, they weave together tantra, yoga and personal development into sensory experiences to share with incredible souls from around the world. In an age of increasing isolation, they want to inspire you to connect deeply, Express freely, Love intimately, Lean into your desires and Lead life by the heart.

Henika’s work has been featured front page Women’s Health Magazine as well as by Louis Theroux and Channel 4 documentaries. She offers amazing online experiences for individuals and couples to reconnect to their power, passion and purpose.

She also has a tantra yoga community which explores authentic yoga philosophy and themes to connect more deeply with your physical and emotional state, it’s the perfect place to find motivation if you struggle to have a consistent practice. Once a month, she offers online ‘shakti circles’ as a place to reconnect with your power, to reflect and to charge for the month ahead. These are visited by thousands of people from around the world and she’s left an open invite for you to join the School of Sensual Arts, if you’re hearing the call to explore the sacredness of your soul and sensuality!

Head to to book and @henikapetal on Instagram to check out Henika’s Tantra Taboo and Myth busting conversations!

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