5 Ways PR Can Help Your Business

Think PR is not for you? Keep reading.

In just 60 minutes a week you can do your own PR, that can help transform your business. PR stands for Public Relations and (as a very simple definition) it involves the arrangement of media coverage in various forms – newspapers, magazines, websites, television, radio, blogs, podcasts etc. PR is not just printed media, it can include features online and on social media platforms.

Most importantly PR has the power to bring a whole new group of customers to your business. PR can help to raise the profile of your company, build greater trust and authenticity, and grow your profile as a leader in your industry. Here’s how:

PR increases brand awareness

Positive media coverage has a fundamental impact on how people see your brand. Getting more eyes on your business inevitably results in an increase in brand awareness. When a potential customer discovers your brand, and makes a purchase, they are more likely to make repeat purchases and form loyalty to your business. PR also helps your brand to stay relevant, allows you to share your brand story, and ensures people are talking about your business consistently.

PR gives greater credibility

Being mentioned in the media is not just a nod of approval – it’s a recommendation with huge value, that gives your customers the extra confidence they need to spend money with you. PR increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of your ideal customer. A media recommendation is likely to nudge them to make a purchasing decision, and if they are comparing you to competitors, a media feature typically gives you an added advantage.

PR saves marketing costs

One of the best bits about PR for business owners is that it’s free. Yes, I said free! When you do your own PR, and reach out to journalists it doesn’t cost anything. PR focuses on securing free editorial coverage, rather than paid advertising. Although often, businesses will decide to use a combination of both free and paid coverage. Mostly, brands use PR as a cost-effective way to promote their latest products or services to a large audience. 

PR attracts website traffic

You will have heard of businesses who are featured in the media and sell out of products, or book up services in 24 hours. Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone. Sales conversions can be particularly high via online media coverage. Even better, news features tend to stay online indefinitely meaning the content lives on and continues to link back to your website. This will improve your SEO, which in turn will attract more traffic. If your brand is mentioned online more frequently online, new customers will find and browse your site.

PR builds relationships

When people talk about your business it opens up more opportunities to build relationships – with the media, with customers and with fellow business owners. In turn, this opens up more opportunities for you to collaborate and expand your professional network. Building relationships with journalists is worthwhile because they will start to approach for commentary or insight on articles they are working on, saving you the time it takes to pitch.

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