Nashta – A Brunch Story

Last week we started early around 5 am for a corporate short film. Target was to set up everything ready by 7 am and the venue was near Slough. Which means the whole team from all over the city has to come down to Berkshire. The photographer, videographer, makeup artists, set up team, designers every one was supposed to be dot on time and certainly without breakfast. Coffee didn’t help us much. Somehow we winded up the work by 11:30 am and started looking for food options.

Team was starving and craving for good food around the area which was a mission on its own for that place. No good restaurants were open at that time or had no brunch options for us. Google helped us to find this brilliant place called Nashta which was a Life saver for all of us. Amazing food, healthy options and just what and when we wanted.

It was more interesting to meet the proud owner of Nashta restaurant – Juslena Randhava who told us about the origin of the idea and brand. Read how her simple idea turn into a dream project and she is proud owner of one of the best eating joints of the area.

JR : Working for corporate, my heart wasn’t in it and having 3 kids I wanted to follow passion on my terms to work around balancing my mum life. I realised there was a huge gap in the market in slough for places to go for brunch who use quality produce along with food that tasted great.

I wanted to create a brand that represented women, mothers and somewhere a community would come together and enjoy food which has been created by me. An opportunity fell into my lap where I could manage a hotels kitchen/restaurant , which I decided to grab with open hands.

My inspiration came from when on maternity leave I used to meet friends for brunch or coffee and we only had costa as our local coffee place, nothing fancy or special to make us feel good and feel like we are treating ourselves. Anything like that meant we had to go in to central London to get that ‘special’ feeling. But then the travel time would take so long we couldn’t relax and enjoy as we had to come back quickly for the school run. I wanted to create something that as soon as the kids have been dropped off parents or anyone can come in for a yummy breakfast with a fusion twist and relax and enjoy themselves without rushing. I wanted this all in an Instagram worthy setting perfect for those selfies.

Living in slough I wanted to give back so knew that my café should be based here. The food side came from my upbringing and my household key staples my grandparents, parents and now I cook for my children. For years I have been cooking the meals on the menu you see today, that have an Indian twist to pay homage to my roots. Living in slough I wanted to give back so knew that my café should be based here. It consists of dishes from our British culture infused with our own Indian heritage, with our spices and flavors from the homeland. This is what our grandparents and parents created when immigrating from the homeland, to get their taste of back home with British traditional dishes.

Proud that we produce quality food, in an easy to reach location, and in a cozy setting.

Knowing my vision for the business I contacted an agency to support with strategy and branding. Collaboratively we were able to dig deep into the foundations of my business from my vision and values to how I wanted to communicate to my target audience.

This is how the Nashtaa brand was created.

Nashtaa cafe. A restaurant based in Langley offering breakfast and brunch using the best premium ingredients without the premium price tags!

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