The Unapologetic Business-woman

Who is she & how can I be her?

I know you are an achiever.
You give 100% in everything you do, it’s who you are. You love and care for everyone around you.
Yet, struggle to find time for yourself.
A moment to breathe and reflect.
A moment to understand why you felt challenged.

A moment to understand why that meeting went well. You keep going. Hustling, working hard, progressing and achieving. It’s all great, until it isn’t.

The days where everything seems to go wrong, the doubt kicks in, you question if
you are good enough or know what you are talking about. You wonder if you are
even deserving of that position – worried that the people who hired you may
change their minds.
You compare yourself to anyone that seems to be having a better time than you.
Those that seem to have it together, be able to navigate life in a way you can’t.
They seem happier and less stressed…because their Instagram says so.
I know this experience all too well – I was her. That’s why I started my journey as a
life coach to help women uncover their authentic selves to live a life they love.
There has been no better time to thrive as a woman in business here in the UAE,
there is an abundance of opportunities with the support of government initiatives/
councils and investors wanting a stake in female-led businesses.

The women I work with are just like you driven, passionate, focused and want
more from life, they come to me because they are succeeding AND suffering.
They know there is more to life than feeling exhausted, unfulfilled and numb.
The truth is, work life balance is not the answer here.

The solution begins with understanding ”WHY

Why are you experiencing feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and burnout?
Taking time to understand your emotions and WHY you experience them will start
to uncover who you are, your values and what’s important for you.
The only balance needed is between understanding your authentic self and
aligning her with the life that you want. That’s when it no longer becomes a
question but a way of life where you thrive feeling passionate and fulfilled.

So who is this unapologetic businesswoman and how can we become her?
-She is sure, calm and in no hurry.
-She is resilient in her decision to not make anything that happens in her life mean
something terrible about her

-She knows no amount of success or failures changes her worth here on earth as
she is and always has been 100% worthy.
-She accepts the things she cannot control and takes responsibility for what she

can; her actions and decisions.
-She is understanding of herself, what she needs, what is true for her and
confident in communicating that to others from a place of love.
-She thrives from knowing we are all meant to be different to compliment each
other to succeed in this world.
-She allows others to act and be who they are because she gives herself
permission to do the same.
-She accepts she will not always make the “right’ decision but she will continue to
make decisions and learn from each result.

It starts with you…..
The only guarantee you have in life is that you will be with yourself for the rest of it so make it the best experience by getting to know yourself and doing more of what lights you up.

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