The Magnetic Marketer – Gurjinder Bhogal

I meet so many women who are afraid to take that next step in their business whether it’s making more sales, getting more awareness for their brand or even taking the plunge to either start their business or take it full time. We’re bound by working in a way that doesn’t serve us! Working long hours doing jobs we hate and all at the expense of our own health and our families.

– Gurjinder Bhogal

Well what if we tell you there was another way?

A way that empowers you to be confident enough to take the next step in your business. A way that gives you the freedom you crave to do all the things you love with the people you love.

Well, that’s where Gurjinder comes in.

As a marketing consultant, she teaches you all the methods you need to be able to market your business in a way that aligns with you and your business. She also shows you all the systems and processes you need to put into place to get the freedom from your business. We spoke to Gurjinder and heard her story which relates to all of us today.

Gurjinder Says:

I was once just like you, working for someone and making them lots of money. I had two little children who I hardly saw and when I did I was tired and miserable. Full of mum guilt!

During my working days I’d sit there and think if I can do this for my employers then why can’t I do this for myself? So I set out on a mission to do exactly that. Build a wildly successful business – on my own terms. Yes it was scary. The mindset monkeys would kick in.

The money mindset would also start cropping up wondering where my next customer was coming from. But guess what – I did it anyway. Scared. What was the worst that can happen? I’d end up back in a job right? Working for someone else? Well I’d be there anyway if I didn’t try.

So 4 years ago, I set myself a mission to build my life for freedom and to teach other women in business how to have successful businesses. Teaching them another way to do business.

Everything we need is within us, we just sometimes need that guiding hand from someone slightly ahead of us to help us get through those next steps. I’ve been there too. I know the struggles.

But just like I’ve built up my business and my life to work around me so can you! So if this sounds like you, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

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