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CISSÉ, a consultancy founded by Chimere Cissé specializing in PR for purpose-driven and sustainability-focused clients, co-hosted a dinner to celebrate the global launch of BLANK – a revolutionary new approach to sustainability founded in Los Angeles by Brittney McDonald. The dinner – where every element including the selection of flowers was done with a climate impact focus, gathered over 20 change-makers in environmental reform and sustainability, all leading in the areas of art, design and food.

Guests included organizations such as the British Fashion Council, Extinction Rebellion,
MacArthur Foundation, House of Grey, Bloominghaus and ReLondon, and editors from
Vogue and Nataal magazines who experienced a four course meal at new Mayfair sustainability focused restaurant, Apricity, founded by food impresario Chantelle Nicholson. Guests
discussed the innovations and events BLANK has planned, in its approach to tackling climate change through its revolutionary exhibitions.

The first of BLANK’s exhibitions will start this Saturday 4th June in Los Angeles.

Watching Our Waste will offer immersive experiences featuring the best in environmentally focused fashion, regenerative art and fine dining, diverting ingredients and materials that were destined for the

They will track the event’s carbon footprint to ensure every sustainable solution available
to them is implemented – from Travel and transport to Flower arrangements, the event will be
handled and sourced sustainably.

Keeping to its word to spread its powerful message of sustainability through global
engagement, BLANK has produced the upcoming Los Angeles exhibit in collaboration with LA-based upcycled and sustainable fashion designers UPRISERS and Rewilder, Michelin
trained chef Nate Romo and Zimbabwe artist Moffat Takadiwa.

BLANK’s first-of-its-kind exhibition opens Saturday, June 4, at 6 PM at REVERY, 1700 Naud St., Unit C in Los angeles. This ticketed event will be a breakthrough in introducing applicable sustainability and encouraging a new wave of carbon literacy.
Visit to purchase tickets or for more information

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