What does Self Care look like for you?

For me self-care has turned into a bit of a trendy phase, something you do as a surface level refresh to make yourself feel better, whether it’s getting your nails done, going for a spa day or maybe even a shopping trip. 

But what I would like to ask is, how long do those things make you feel good for? You’ve taken some time for some self-care and been for your walk or had a long bath and you feel great, rested and recharged because self-care IS important, it does help! BUT how long does that feel good for? Does it address the root of what’s going on? Or does it just help relieve and recharge from the surface?

So now let me introduce you to what I think self-love is, self-love is honouring yourself, it’s loving yourself and I mean actually whole heartedly feeling like you are enough! Self-love is being able to recognise your needs and being aware of how you feel. For e.g., meditation is a form of self-care, we all know it’s a great way to quieten the mind and reset either at the beginning or end of the day.

However, self-love is committing to that as part of your daily routine, self-love is honouring yourself and waking up 10 mins earlier every day to get that meditation in. You might think, well how is that self-love? So, let me explain… if you had to get up 10 mins earlier for a partner, your kids, or work commitment would you do it? 

Yes! you would… So why should it be any different committing to yourself? Why are you not prioritising yourself as much as you would others? Committing to a morning routine and being consistent with it is showing yourself love! 

I’m not saying self-care isn’t important, because it is, but you need to use self-care in conjunction with self-love! Keep doing the things that refresh you and make you feel good on the surface BUT make sure you show yourself the inner love as well. Make sure you’re making those internal changes and showing up for yourself!

Aman Sunner

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Aman Sunner

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