Its taken a few years in the making – to get this brand on the map. And now since it has arrived — We are amazed to see how they have managed to bring a contemporary Fashion trend with a touch of ethnic style.

Ranjeet Bassan Sandhu who created the brand COCO SHRINE is a well established garment tech and product developer in the apparel field, with over 20+ years experience.

The recent events and lockdown has made everyone re-consider their lives and what they wanted to add to the world… and thus the Coco Shrine brand began in 2022.

Ranj said “It was time to re-look at many areas of society and the way we do things; economically and environmentally. I felt like I was sharing the same feeling as many other Asian girls, I meet. Everywhere you shop across midlands and south of England, you get to see very beautiful but similar looks – using traditional embroideries and finishes and cuts.

She adds that we were wanting to truly offer the Indo-western wear to the UK market, with so much interest and the timing felt right now.

The idea of the brand came from her own and many similar experiences of her cousins who did not always connect to the traditional styles for weddings and events.

Ranj had a love for the traditional methods and artistry in Asian wear and for the western shapes, however left boutiques feeling uninspired as they are saturated with the same heavily embroidered looks everywhere. It’s a real task to find something different that stands out at an event.

Ranj’s desire was to ensure the glamour and luxury look style was always invested and at the forefront of the brand… It’s taken a few years for the Brand to get started with waiting for the UK Asian market to dare to be different.

Coco Shrine has launched their 1st collection called– MONACO COLLECTION

This is a capsule collection showcasing the Indo-western look. Notice these styles are interchangeable so are entering the sustainable discussion for this market. There is a real modern edge where you would not look out of place wearing pieces to your western events.

“I love the idea that you can wear the floral skirt set to a wedding and split it up wear it with a leather jacket, to a night out. A Sari to an English wedding, this has got to better than the old fashioned wear it once attitude”

Ranj Bassan

Coco shrine is inspired by many muses, and would love to dress the self-confident, assured, happy, successful, optimistic, positive women in the UK and beyond.

The brand is looking to drop launch a few collections a year, the pieces will emphasize on being timeless and harmonious bowing to both western and south Asian influences. Pop up shops are on the cards to get the ready to wear pieces out there. You can book by appointment also to see the whole collection.

We are living in different world where the generations are becoming much smarter and conscious about the earth, and the impact that clothes have on the environment. This brand nods to this, and gives you a mix and match options, so you can curate endless outfits.

The founder and designer would also like to encourage clients to get in touch to discuss their outfit ideas and projects to develop. We are elated that we have attracted clients that understand what we providing – we have found our tribe!

“It is an exciting time for Asianwear and my brand, I owe everything I have learned and my keen love interest for fashion and fabrics to my mother – Late Harvinder Kaur Bahara Bassan.

She is forever a beautiful style icon, she had a real eye for curating class.

Ranj Bassan

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