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Laila is a girl with a heart of gold, a woman with a school of thought, and a lady with virtuoso. Laila Rahhal El Atfani is a goodwill ambassador, an International ambassador of Peace and tolerance and an Ambassador of Humanity. She is a renowned woman working as a philanthropist and has human greatness lying at her heart. Laila is the founder and the mastermind behind the Business gate, Initiator of I am Africa, Vice President of FIA Federation and Voice Magazine Middle East.

Amidst diverse roles and responsibilities, Laila is that pebble in the pond that creates the ripple of change and enlightens the world with her excellency.

Atfani is a true inspiration in a world where even empathy falters, where people fail to care about their loved ones. She has immense willpower to juggle her businesses and philanthropy without compromising the quality. She has achieved great heights in her business and positively influences people with her work principles.

“Whatever you do, be different – It was my vision, and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you are different, you will stand out,” said Laila Rahhal El Atfani. Being different and extraordinary is her guiding philosophy in life that keeps her going as a goodwill ambassador and the constant desire to help people.

Laila, who devotes her 100%, believes that one needs to be good to themselves before being good to others, and if you are not a good person, then the title of goodwill ambassador must not be on your CV. Her wise beliefs of respecting humanity, being tolerant and humble and having a mind to bear that everyone is equivalent makes her an ambassador and entrepreneur of golden heart. According to her, no man is an island, and you need people as much as they need you.

Laila has all the aspiring and high standard qualities that one requires to empower the world as the leader of tomorrow and galvanize the youth to play through trajectories that come up during their journey of business and entrepreneurship.

She is a world-class business developer who helps in trading, franchising, opening business orders and strategic partners and runs Business Gate to open up doors for international business development for several investors.

With her qualifications in Business and finance courses, she is an open-minded businesswoman residing in Dubai- United Arab Emirates. She has built a global professional family with just one guiding light that the key to business is teamwork, so strive for a perfect team.

Not to forget, she owns Zamzam services in Germany; Co-Founder and partner of MACAN fuel and petroleum product trading; and Vice President of Arab Federation of Sustainable Development; and representative with offices in Africa and the Middle East for the Chamber of Commerce for Brazil and Morocco.

Branding herself in the media field, she has been appointed as the Vice President of the Voice magazine based in the Netherlands and strives to work for the betterment and development of the continent. She has not stopped working for better opportunities for children to fight poverty, even during the pandemic.Laila has trained people online during the COVID-19 pandemic and drought chances of online education. It was disheartening for her that the global pandemic took hold of lives and opportunities for the world. She regrets her inability to help every soul she could have.

In Collaboration with the Anouar association in Morocco, as the President of women empowerment and international relations, Laila continues to fight the odds of the world in achieving the goals of access to education in society. She is also serving the board of REFAI in Swiss and is the director of international diplomacy relations ISEF holding Switzerland.

Other than the impressive and praiseworthy attributes of Laila mentioned above, she holds key positions in many international organisations. She is also the Head of diplomacy and protocol of WPC; Global President CEC (Commonwealth Entrepreneur club); Special Advisor to the President of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development; and The Vice President of Youth Gate NGO Cambodia, and much more.

When questioned about her journey to the top of the game, she is clear that if the drive to succeed and achieve excellence comes from within, then the power also lies within.

She has always been harmonised with the idea of women’s empowerment and independence and is supportive of it. Her concept of success is that one can achieve success only if one thinks of the upliftment of others along with themselves.

Laila Rahhal El Atfani is the yardstick of humanitarianism. She is in no mood of reducing her pace in achieving her goals of a better world. She is truly the epitome of inspiration and excellence to the world. Performing Amazingly in the world of a humanitarian crisis, we wish her more power for hard work and success.

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