Depression in the South Asian Community

South Asian women tend to have the highest rates of depression. Yet they are less likely to report their symptoms to professionals as they believe it is an issue they can cope with themselves, it will get better by itself, feel embarrassed to discuss it with someone, language barriers and out fear of being sectioned. This is turn leads to low rates of referrals for psychological support.

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5 Ways PR Can Help Your Business

Most importantly PR has the power to bring a whole new group of customers to your business. PR can help to raise the profile of your company, build greater trust and authenticity, and grow your profile as a leader in your industry

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Career Shift for a Cause – Tina Kad’s Story

For me, SLT isn’t about words but about actions, choices, confidence and independence I pass on to my clients every single day. I love working for my own practise in the community where I find myself in people’s lives, homes, feeling grateful and privileged that people trust and allow me to be a part of their journey. 

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The Unapologetic Business-woman

It starts with you, The only guarantee you have in life is that you will be with yourself for the rest of it so make it the best experience by getting to know yourself and doing more of what lights you up.

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It’s Not Just Women’s Business!

It is important to be aware that the menopause is a natural and temporary stage in women’s lives and that not all women experience significant symptoms. The menopause has been regarded as a taboo subject. This is changing as employers are gradually acknowledge the potential impact of the menopause on women and become aware of the simple steps, they can take to be supportive.

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