Do you struggle with self-worth and confidence?

Do you struggle with self-worth and confidence?

Do you get self-doubt creeping in? Maybe a lot of negative thoughts?

Or perhaps don’t have the courage to do what really lights you up in life?

If you feel any of the above, you are more than likely holding a limiting belief around your worth and not feeling good enough.

That’s where I come in to the equation! My name is Aman Sunner and I am a self worth & confidence mentor, I guide women to transform their mindset and tap into their energy and emotion to live a life they truly desire. So, you may think, what does that mean exactly?!

It means I help women shed all the limitations that they have learnt over the years, I help them unlearn the beliefs that are holding them back so they can into their true self. I believe there is a little flame inside all of us that is waiting to burn bright, but things happen in life that begin to dim this light. Perhaps we are taught to act a certain way or behave a certain way, perhaps the effects of life situations become too heavy for this light to burn bright. I guide women to honor their emotions and tap into the energy that is weighing them down so they can release it and feel free and light, only then can you bring alignment to your mind body and soul.

Did you know we have between 15,000 – 60, 000 thoughts a day, 80% of which are negative and 95% of which are the same repetitive thoughts from the day before! As humans we tend to gravitate towards negative thoughts and then we wonder where negative mindsets come from? This tells us that if you have had a limiting belief show up one day, there is 95% chance that this will show up day after day! How are you supposed to shake off that self-doubt if it’s knocking on your door daily?

Consistency, Awareness and Accountability is how! You need to reframe your beliefs and choose new empowered beliefs. Along with deep inner work, affirmations are a powerful tool to use as they actively allow you to choose new beliefs to penetrate your mind with! Be consistent with your change, small consistent daily actions are key! Awareness of your thoughts can offer you huge insight into your feelings and emotions and finally without accountability and without a coach your resistance to change will overcome the motivation. A mentor will push you to your limits to help you transform your mindset and uncover that flame inside!

If you feel you want to find yourself and reignite your inner light, then my group coaching programme ‘This Is Me!’ Is the perfect way to say bye to anything holding you back and find your inner power! Find me on Instagram or drop me an email to book a call and see how I can support you.

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