be gut smart during festivals

During the festive season, it is only natural to that food and festivities go hand in hand. We indulge in rich sugary, fried foods. What can we do to eat healthier and look after our gut microbiome whilst still enjoying our food and family time?

Be mindful…do an 80/20 rule. Whilst  at home eat well and healthy, when out for dinner or at a friends if you want to indulge do so but be mindful!!  Think about what you have on your plate and how it is going to make you feel. If you are someone who reacts badly to diary for example, is it worth the pain it is going to cause? Do you really want to eat that?

11 TIPS To Stay Gut Smart During Festivals

1. Try taking a small portion and really enjoying it, smell it, take your time and chew it well. This way you will enjoy the full flavour of the food and if you chew it properly, you will also get a signal from your brain that you are full. When we just wolf food down mindlessly, we eat more calories and also often make bad food choices. We also create havoc for the stomach as it needs to then make more hydrochloric acid to digest the larger particle of food that needs to be broken down.

2. If you are going to drink alcohol then try and sip on lemon and water too as that alkalinises the body. Remember, soda and alcohol really harm the gut flora and are often high in sugars and calories. Try not to drink your intake of calories and sugars. You often won’t even realise how much you have drunk. Be mindful and enjoy in moderation. Opt for non carbonated drinks where possible. If you want carbonated then perhaps sparkling water with lemon is a better option.

3. Do not drink too much with your meals, this is a good rule to follow not just during the festive season as you dilute stomach acid. If you are drinking whilst eating you may experience more bloating especially if you are already low in stomach acid.

4. Do not go to a party or dinner on an empty stomach if you know you are going to indulge. Try and eat a mixed salad or do a green smoothie. This way you will not feel tempted to eat too much

5. When  you are eating make sure you eat till full not stuffed. Stop when  you are 80 percent full.

6. Try not to eat late at night. Your digestive system needs time to process the meal.

7. If you are someone who loses control…tell  yourself later….and then after 10 minute if you are still hungry/wanting that food  then go and  try  little bit of what you fancied. Chew it well and eat it slowly.

8. Try and fill half your plate up with vegetables- this is great as fibre is good for the gut microbiome and it will help fill you up too.

9. Include herbal teas as they count as plant based daily intakes

10. Survey the buffet table before taking a bit of this and a bit of that because that is how we overindulge. Only chose what you really fancy.

11. Go for dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

Enjoy the festive season but remember to be mindful, chew slowly, don’t drink whilst eating if you can help it and take smaller portions.

Happy Holidays to you all. Love and light

Nishtha xoxo

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