Psychological Immunity & Emotional Well-being

Chintal Kakaya- Holistic Healer and Wellness Coach

Our physiological immune system functions to protect your physical health, Likewise our psychological immune system protects your emotional well-being.

We got a chance to speak to Chintal Kakaya – The Holistic Healer and Wellness Coach on Psychological Immunity in detail. With her immense knowledge on the subject she describes us the importance of Psychological Immunity for our well being. Here we present few highlights of the conversation.

Editor: What is your work like? Please help people us understand what do you actually do as a coach and why is it important for everybody to have a life coach ? 

Chintal: This is a great question, so by day I’m an Occupational Therapist working in  Health and Social Care, I have 19 years experience working as an OT which is a very holistic profession. I see every individual as a whole(Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Environment, Values and Beliefs ) where all of these pillars create your unique blue print of who you are and how you function.

My own business as a Holistic Healer and Wellness Coach combines my personal and professional experience and skills to support women in their lives. I help “Busy “ women to manage their stress, cultivate calm, emotionally HEAL and improve their wellbeing to lead a healthy, happy and balanced life.

The approach I use when working with my clients is more than a Coach, I’m a Mentor and facilitator too and really passionate about Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health, I help them with areas of life they are struggling with especially when it relates to Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, struggling to balance work/life, empowering self care and working on their mindset. I work on a one to one basis because every individual is unique and they are at a different stage in their journey.

As a coach and mentor I am with my clients throughout the journey, I work with them at root level and by using Holistic approaches of energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, coaching I help them transform from inside out, from mindset to overcoming limiting beliefs to understanding and mastering their energy and prioritising self in their Busy lifestyle so that they can take control of their wellbeing, connect with their true values, beliefs, cultivating calm and inner peace to build resilience to challenging situations in their lives.

I feel everyone should have a life coach because at some stage in life we all go through feeling stuck, unfulfilled, challenges and struggles, we require guidance, accountability, someone to listen but also ground us and empower us. As a life coach myself I help women get a clearer understanding of their true goals, aspirations, understand their behaviours, inspire, guide and help them to make positive progress in their lives for them to feel fulfilled and happy and therefore this is why I believe everyone should have a life coach. As a coach myself I have coaches too.

Editor : When we think of ambitious and successful people we think it must be really easy for them to manage it all. Why do you specifically focus on being a holistic healer and a coach to strong & ambitious women ?

Chintal: Because ambitious women are ones that are so busy delivering to others, they forget to serve themselves which is where there is a huge imbalance between work/home life, health etc. This is where you start seeing Burnout, poor health, Anxiety, chronic stress etc. This strong and ambitious women is exactly “me”, for years I just charged through no matter what came my way, people would call me Super woman, super successful but this was at a cost of my health, relationships, happiness.

Everyone’s perception of success varies. For me being successful is being able to feel happiness and inner peace form within no matter what the situation, to have a balance in all that I do and to feel healthy and strong from within.

Many women I was speaking to were strong women who are ambitious and want to achieve so much but they were burning out, not prioritising themselves infact only taking time out when they were ill. They were struggling with Stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence, struggling to say NO and therefore living a robotic life.

This isn’t how life should be lived, we are here to Live not just Exist and I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible to Master their energy, face their fears,Heal from within, take control of their wellbeing and be present in the moment no matter how busy their lives are because that is where they will experience Joy, happiness and success.

Editor: We recently read about your psychological immunity in your post. Indeed in times of maintaining physical immunity we have forgotten about our psychological needs. How well can people practice psychological immunity in their daily routine?

Chintal: YES, psychological immunity is so important, like I said we are whole beings and therefore you cant just work on physical immunity without building psychological immunity. High levels of chronic stress and anxiety lowers our immunity and makes us more susceptible to illnesses. Stress increases the inflammation in our body and hence contribute to the progression or development of certain immune conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, IBS etc. Approximately 90% of illness known, the underlying cause is stress. Many don’t even realize they are suffering from long term stress because it has become part of their lifestyle but most definitely not a healthy one.

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Some simple techniques that can be adopted towards building Psychological immunity are:

  1. Going for a walk to breathe in the fresh air
  2. Connecting with your breath, breath in for 5 , hold for 4 and release for 6
  3. Mindfulness meditation- 10 mins daily especially in the morning and before bed time
  4. Yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi

Editor: We are really excited to know about your meditation and healing sanctuary. It sounds really peaceful and exotic already, please let our readers know more about it.

Chintal: Oh it is indeed ….Meditation and Healing Sanctuary is an online safe space created for women who want to embark on their journey of healing and also meditation. The focus is on Spiritual, Emotional and Mental health including energy healing. I guide ladies through various types of meditations and deliver energy healing as a group. It’s where I also share my knowledge and wisdom with them afor all things related to wellbeing. It’s a low cost high value approach to working with me. I remember when I embarked on my journey of meditation and healing, yes there was lots out there in terms of you tube, apps etc but I wanted a safe space where I am guided, nurtured and heard without any judgement. I couldn’t find one and therefore created one myself to support other women. It’s a safe space for them to disconnect from the modern day hectic lifestyle and focus on themselves on a journey of self awareness and deeper connection. They learn tools, practices and techniques to implement in their daily life contributing to their wellbeing and wellness

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Editor: What motivated you to chose this profession and please if you can help others understand how to enter the profession of coaching if they are interested to become one. 

Chintal: I knew I have always loved helping others especially with bringing positive changes and in a holistic manner. Through my personal experience of Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, lack of confidence, feeling like a failure in life, having lost connection with who I truly am I went through my personal journey of transformation and healing from within, in fact I still am but have transformed in ways that I had not even imagined. It was through my deep meditation practices and healing that I knew what my soul’s purpose is and that is exactly the path that I am walking on. I listen to my intuition and inner self for guidance and connect to the feelings and flow to know what is right for me and what isn’t.

What I do as a healer, mentor and coach is so fulfilling, in my eyes it’s what I refer to as “SEVA”, I still work as an Occupational Therapist in Health and Social Care and run this business alongside it. It fills my heart and brings me joy no matter how challenging it can get at times.

My advise to anyone who wants to enter the world of coaching, if it feels right for you go for it, get training from certified academies and go with an open mind. Even through training as a life coach you will go through a lot of challenges yourself , embrace it because you change too as you go through the programme. My motto is to see the change in others you got to change in yourself, practice what you preach.

Research what kind of coach you want to be, read about it, ask yourself if that feels right. Like with everything, you do face challenges but if you are connected with what you are doing and know your WHY, the long hours, challenges etc. will not phase you. You are always learning and see these challenges as making your stronger and more resilient.

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