The Superwomen Summit – 3 Day Journey of Inspiration & Motivation

It’s been a few weeks since the mega event The Superwomen Summit – can you believe it!

Here are some reflections from one of the summit attendees Shehnaaz Latif who shares with us how the summit felt, what she learnt and who she connected with.

3 Days, 24 Speakers, 3 Roundtables

One Platform

I took some time to absorb, integrate and assimilate my experiences, thoughts and emotions following these three incredible days! And asked myself three questions to help me reflect and relive some of the amazing moments created by the superwomen that Soniya Singh founder of Celestia Magazine and Bhavna Pandya Barratt founder of the Successful Superwomen Group invited to the stage. Here are my thoughts, do share yours at #superwomensummithighlights

How did you feel?

I felt the energy leaping out of the screen! From the very moment Bhavna came on with her music and moves, Soniya’s enthusiasm and excitement for each speaker, every stunning contribution by the wonderful women, the giggles, and joys of the evening entertainment. We were vibrating high for 3 days!

Every day I looked forward to hearing the women – some of whom I know, many of whom I was ‘meeting’ for the first time – and felt my cup filling as they generously gave their time and shared their stories of Life’s challenges.

The Summit was well designed to cover three main areas of a Female’s Life – Business, Wellness and Lifestyle and was well synced with the Celestia Magazine’s Mission of creating work life balance for female Entrepreneurs.

H.E Laila Rahhal the Goodwill Ambassador made it possible to inspire and motivate us all the way from Dubai along with Sandi Saksena who motivated us to love our money and money goals.

Every woman I listened to was warm, enthusiastic, and passionate about the area they were speaking on, the products they were showcasing and the messages they had to share.

It was particularly touching to hear the stories of so many. Particularly, Sumeyya Gangat, Minreet Kaur and Sian Weedon shared such deeply significant moments from their lives with what came across as a genuine desire to open up conversations that some of us may feel difficult.

While Tayo Salami, Phyllis Woodfine, Lucy Woolridge shared their great wisdom on Business Jackie Cooper, Nirasha, Ashish Paul and Tammy Rolfe helped us to love ourselves and live a confident life.

So how did I feel? inspired and awestruck by the diversity of talents, boosted and grateful to belong to a network of women who are credible and committed to uplift one another.

What did you learn?

I approached each day with an open mind and was ready to receive knowledge and wisdom. Some of what I heard resonated deeply with things I have learnt from my own life experience. Much of what I gained were golden nuggets to take away, think about, and bring into my consciousness and use in my daily life.

Elaine Powell reminded us to ‘make your ‘why’ bigger than yourself’ so that you can add value, create an impact, and make a real difference.

Nishtha Patel from Gut Expert gave us a masterclass on the importance of gut health and how owning this will better our efforts to run our business, our homes, and our personal care.

The round tables were filled with tips and pearls of wisdom, and the showcases of gorgeous products including fashion and makeup, with tips on what colours to wear and how to be body confident, were alluring and inspiring.

We were treated with showcases from Jaineesha’s Vegan make up, BIBI London’s & Nims Boutique’s exquisite showcasing, Style Tips by Malanie Potro, Jeminee Solanki and Anisha Vasani, everything was so perfectly placed.

So, what did I learn? Be clear on your values, stick to them, be proud of them, and express them in the way you dress, the way you speak, what you eat, how you look after yourself and how you show up in service to those you seek to serve.

Who did you connect with? 

When we spend time on personal development, networking, summits, or anything that does not seem to give an immediate financial return, we may wonder whether it was ‘worth it’.

One of my measures of success is whether I establish a connection with one or more people. So, I stay ‘open’ to the possibilities and opportunities to connect. Online, this means getting involved in the discussion threads and giving a ‘like’ to content that gives me something to mull over or reaffirms my beliefs or knowledge.

What I noticed in the warm, mutually supportive environment of the Superwomen Summit was that each time I made a comment, or posed a question, I was acknowledged with a ‘like’ or a response. And so, the micro connections were made, and this put a smile on my face and made me feel included.

Since then, I have been following all the speakers and am incredibly thankful to this summit that I am now able to access the expert advices like Mrids Anne, Hulya Gunay and Tessa Hull whenever I want.

We are always encouraged in the Successful Superwomen group to reach out, connect, grow our network, collaborate, offer support, share challenges and tips and be there for one another and this philosophy was truly palpable throughout the summit. 

Celestia Magazine has meanwhile opened their doors help small and medium businesses with quintessential PR and media kits through their digital platform. Media packs which are designed to help female entrepreneurs to maximize their reach to a global audience and ideal clients are highly recommended to upscale the visibility and your business & brand awareness.

So, who did I connect with? A lot of Coaches/ Mentors/ Public speakers whom I was following but had never met before and some who were new to me and I’m so glad to have met as we will be collaborating in the near future. 

So, here are few questions which each of us need to ask:

Was the Superwomen Summit worth my time? * Absolutely YES *

Do I feel rewarded by the experience? * For sure *

Have I learnt some things that will help me personally and professionally? * Yes, 100% *

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the summit speakers for making contributions to all aspects of our lives and helping each of us to ‘lean in’ to something we are challenged with or something new and to Bhavna and Soniya for holding us altogether.

We certainly look forward to the next Summit out of this collaboration!

– Shehnaaz Latif from My Wellness Zone

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