Manika which means ‘A Jewel’, justifies her name as she outshines in a male dominated, traditional world of Spiritual Music ‘Sikh Kirtan’. As a leading Contemporary ‘Sikh ‘Kirtan’ music performer she has been breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries to secure a prestigious space for herself . A great inspiration for those who need to identify their uniqueness and follow their passion to make it a career choice.

Manika Kaur is a role model for those who are hesitant to break that glass ceiling which refrains many of us to to pursue our passion. Young Lady choses a spiritual path as her career choice which is not a common practice and requires a lot of dedication motivation. Manika has balanced her religion, career, family and personal life so well and is undoubtedly a Queen of her own Fempire.

Growing up, Manika’s family passionately spread the teachings of Sikh founder Guru Nanak Dev Ji far and wide. Her deeply spiritual connection to the God’s wisdom is reflected in her music, with Manika able to channel her devotion to these divine teachings through mesmerizing vocal ability. Kaur is one of the only standard bearers of the tradition to reinterpret record and perform these sacred chants beyond Sikh ‘Gurdwara’ temples, reaching a whole new global audience.

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She inspires us with milestones of her journey. Manika Kaur has made appearances on BBC Television, performing live on The Saturday Show and being interviewed on BBC News. She has also featured on the coveted ‘Pause For Thought’ segment on BBC Radio 2, as well as being featuring on their flagship religious show ‘Good Morning Sunday’. World music magazine Songlines have described Manika’s music as having “emotive melodies that beautifully articulate the poetry she sings so hauntingly”, while Rhythm Passport spoke of Manika’s voice as “rich and luxuriating, coloured deep with the contours of her gentle, echoing tone.”

Manika’s music has received overwhelming praise from the global Sikh community, as well as transcending and touching the souls of music lovers from all walks of life worldwide.

Kaur is always looking for ways to spread love; whether it’s through her kirtan or charity work she wants hers to be a legacy of love. We got a chance to know Manika Kaur during a candid discussion and were absolutely amazed to hear her story . The link to the interview is available here.

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