4 Ways to make MONEY now!

This pandemic has forced both the pace and scale of business innovation. As businesses are forced to do more with less, many of us are finding better, simpler, less expensive, and faster ways to operate and discovering innovative, bold, creative ways to generate income for ourselves and our families.

What we need is a huge supply of the following and fortunately these are all in our control –

  • Attitude Belief Boldness
  • Courage Creativity Dreams Determination
  • Energy to Empower Focus
  • Grand plan

Let checkout 4 Ways to make MONEY !

 1. Mainstream your side hustle: be bold, be creative, dare to dream

The hustle brings the dollar. The experience brings the knowledge. The persistence brings success.” – Ross Simmonds

Now is the time to look into our hobbies, interests, passions be it food, fitness, travel, mentoring, DIY, remodeling homes, furniture whatever and start monetizing them.

  • Ask yourself: what would it take to bring my side hustle into the center?
  • Create a Business plan
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Be realistic
  • Your network is your net worth so start realizing some gains through introductions, referrals and collaborations
  • Use Social media to sell and generate income 

2. Invest wisely : be determined, be focused

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”

One of my favorite Warren  Buffett’s quotes

There is no such thing as a successful ‘get rich quick’ scheme; investments, like babies, it always takes a certain amount of time to grow.  By hastily jumping into an investment in the stock market you do more harm than good to your own hard-earned wealth.

Exercise restraint, research, seek out expert financial guidance.

3. Make Money on your Experience

Go  the Side Hustle route

As this is a repeat of number 1, need another idea… see below:

Make friends with money: check your attitude, have courage

How you feel about money, your mindset and your belief in your personal power is so important when it comes to generating new ways to make money. To find creative ways to attract an income it’s important to find the courage to ask yourself: how do I feel about money? what is holding me back? where am I stuck? what does being wealthy mean to me?

Working on your mindset will empower you to harness the energy of money so that it flows freely between you and those with whom you make exchanges.

4. Get creative with cutting expenses: make a plan

Seriously will you be devastated if you didn’t go to the pub, have your kitty party buy new clothes, buy a bigger TV Renovate your house?

Yeah! List how many Have To you didn’t really Have To in this pandemic and see how much you can save!  

  • Have you done a household budget recently?
  • What are your key expenses that are really necessary, and can you do without?
  • What is your ‘comfort number’ when it comes to money you need to live on and enjoy your life?
  • What is the income level you wish to have to be able to save for your later years, your future plans, your dream holiday?

Write these numbers down and seek assistance to create a realistic financial plan.

Join me and my colleagues as we have a global conversation about money.

Money Matters 29 June 2021 09:15 to 13:30 BST (and on replay)

-Sandi Saksena (Dubai)

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