How to get that youthful glow?

You know when you see someone who’s so happy they’re glowing from the inside? Yes that… I can 100% promise you it’s not self-tan and lip gloss as many magazines and makeup brands will have you thinking… That glow comes from deep within and I’m going to tell you exactly how to get it.

Now of course a bit of body brushing, moisturizer and mascara (and good clothes) doesn’t go amiss but when you want that healthy, vibrant spark you’ve for to start from within.

The first place to start is nutrition, when you’re feeding yourself the right things your body will thrive, your organs, muscles & gut will be working harmoniously, and you will be energized from within… But what is the right nutrition?

Lots of Plants and Veggies

These days being plant-based means exactly that, the bulk of your food comes in the form of nutrient dense green veggies and fruit it does not mean you’re necessarily vegan or vegetarian, but that you fill your plate up with plants first!
Fruits and Veggies have a ton of phytonutrients and antioxidants which slow down the aging process, which keep the gut functioning and keep your microbiota happy! When your gut is happy I can promise you your skin, hair, nails and brain will be happy.

Adequate protein

There’s been a culture for the last 2 decades or so where protein has been King, now I’m all for protein it helps with muscle recovery, cell growth, hair, nails etc. but we don’t need a ton of it. (According to the government we need about 0.75g per kilo of body weight, personally I’d up that to a minimum of 1g per kilo of body weight and up to 1.5g if you’re looking to lean out and build some muscle).
Protein is important for our bodies, but it doesn’t need to come from animal products; you have plenty of high protein vegetarian products these days but keep away from too much soy as it can affect estrogen levels.

Eat the Fats

Gone are the days of low fat diets, keep your fats clean and whole look for olive oils, avocado, coconut, fatty fish, nuts and seeds. Good fats help us with our energy levels, protect our organs as well as help us absorb vitamins and minerals… So go on, drizzle that olive oil on your salad… but keep away from vegetable oils and hard butters (A little cheese is fine though – everything in moderation after all).

Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate

Yes we all love a good cuppa, coffee or glass of wine, but you need to be aiming to drink around 1 ltr for every 20kg of body weight. Why? Because up to 60% of our body is water… Lets go deeper, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery at 31% – so do you see, when you hydrate you glow from within (I drink up to 4ltrs a day!)
I’d recommend with every cuppa tea, coffee or alcoholic beverage you drink a glass of water; this is exactly what they do in the Mediterranean and we all know they live long and healthy lives!

And finally, EXERCISE!

Omg this one is so important, sweat it out, yes sweat out the toxins, feel the power within and get yourself an immediate afterglow (there is also something else you could do for that *wink wink!!).

You don’t just sweat doing cardio no, I would prescribe weightlifting to every single woman out there. Start slow and light but don’t be scared to go heavy (find a PT or a program if you need to).
As women we cannot “bulk” like men, we simply don’t have enough testosterone. Weights will help us lose excess fat & build sexy muscle – basically the combination of both is what the industry has deemed “toning up” and “leaning out” – because supposedly it’s sexier than saying “go build muscle” (and we all know… sex sells!)

So, ladies don’t forget, when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside. This is called balance and we balance ourselves from within… So, go ahead eat right, train right, hydrate, look after your skin from within, wear sunscreen and go out there and strut your glowy stuff, because you are a Goddess and are one in a million.

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