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Siyana is a London based brand which exclusively work with master artisans and weavers across India. These artisans are based in different parts of the country mainly in rural villages. We seek beauty in slow-make textiles that bring together artisans from different cultures and backgrounds. Our designs reflect the aesthetics and culture of India. We also believe good designs come in small batches and is made responsibly with love and affection. Sustainability in scarves are measured on different parameters during production process.

Selection of Material: We thrive to save the planet through fashion by using natural fibers extracted from plants. Our sustainable scarves are made from locally grown cotton and certified organic cotton. We use natural fibers over synthetic fibers as a solution to protect our ecosystem.

Energy Usage: We strive to use a very minimal amount of energy since the production is entirely on handloom there is very low consumption of electricity. We monitor the consumption of electricity and make sure we do not go beyond our limit. In this way, all our scarves are made with a low carbon footprint.

Dying Process: We do not use any harmful inks in our dying process. We are committed to using low impact inks and dyes that are free from chlorine and harmful chemicals.

Environment:  All our suppliers ensure that the artisans have a safe and sound environment and there are no child labor practices. We make sure that there is equal pay for men and women artisans.

Packaging: We use recyclable packaging to pack all our orders. Our mailer bags are made with sugar cane extract and thus eco-friendly for environment. We use eco-friendly tapes to seal all our packages and our wrapping paper is fully recyclable.

Welfare practices: We have a policy of zero tolerance towards gender-based violence & harassment. Most of our suppliers’ handlooms in India have women. We always try to keep a balanced ratio between men and women.

Other than scarves we also have a great collection of Bags which are made of jute. cotton and other natural flowers and colors.

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