Spring – A Photographers delight

March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb! Or so they say.

This seems to have been an unusually mild start to March but, in a world, and a year when so much of what we know and are accustomed to has been turned upside down this is most definitely welcomed.

The mild weather and sunny days have led to splashes of colour peeping out; flashes of purple and yellow are abound. The snowdrops have been with us for a while, the daffodils and crocuses are nodding in the wind and even camellias seem to be out for all to see.

After what has been an unimaginably long winter (I’m trying to avoid saying the word for as long as possible), the warmth on my face is very welcome. 

January is always a long month, while I find February usually just evaporates into the ether. At times, over the past month, I am not sure if I have been trapped in a world such as Narnia, where the White Witch dictates that winter should last forever or in in Game of Thrones, where for at least a decade, people are warning that “winter is coming” and this feeling has little to do with the weather.

The nights are slowly shrinking as we eke out the minutes to sunset, each day a few moments longer than the previous. The crisp skies have treated us to some striking sunsets, and the evening sky is ablaze with gold, orange and pink hues.

As someone who rejoices at the winter solstice and feels a little pang in June, when we mark the summer solstice, these lighter and brighter days are a godsend. The clear blue skies bring out the colour in everything around us – the grass, the leaves, and the flowers, yes, the flowers!

Flowers are a photographers’ dream – when there is seemingly nothing left to photograph as you stay safe at home, flowers and indeed, foliage generously offer up their beauty. I have always enjoyed flowers – who doesn’t, and who can’t? However, during the past few months, when my camera was indeed a trusted companion (the closest I am going to get to a puppy, sadly), a way to while away the hours and engage with the world on my doorstep, my appreciation for these has just exploded. 

Perhaps other people have an appreciation for them far greater than I do, however when I look at the world through my lens, I have the opportunity to appreciate the details, the delicacy and the nuances of my subject. It’s an endless exploration, that has no destination in mind – and this is so rare in our frantic, scheduled, goal orientated lives. Spring is a time for new beginnings and as we enter a new normal, this is what I will take forth from the past year.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope!  – Sheena Sabarwal from Sheena Sabarwal Photography

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