Heal your Mind with Freshness of Spring

Gone are the days of the cold, gloomy and dark weather, where the mind felt stagnant, empty and low on energy, not knowing what to expect out of life and just waiting for a miracle to happen…..

…And then one morning a glimmer of sun ray pierces through the curtain. The room instantly lights up with this beautiful warmth of sunlight. The mind starts to shift as it absorbs the fresh energy which helps to re-charge the mindset bringing a feeling of hope and excitement.

silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water

With this renewed energy it makes us raring to go and start new projects, learn a new hobby or skillset, reconnect with family and friends and dance to joyful sounds. Everything all of sudden feels good. Lifted Spirits, open mind receptive soul all is at its best.

This is a great time to use Reiki Healing and Wellness Coaching to support these changes by cleansing and revitalising our mind and body on all levels. Some very interesting packages are offered by us which you can check out on Aura Revitalise.
Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is a natural, non-evasive hands-on healing technique. It helps in clearing unwanted energy blockages and promotes healing, by re-energising and balancing our mind and body on an emotional, mental and physical level. This experience of Reiki Healing will awaken your senses and sharpen your awareness.

Reiki Healing Hands treatment - Aura Revitalise

Wellness Coaching also works very well as it helps to identify on how we think, communicate and behave. It helps to shift our limiting beliefs by helping us to move forward to lead a well balanced life.

By re-connecting with yourself through healing and coaching you will feel a sense of euphoria within.

Spring is finally here….let’s embrace it! 

Reshna Patel, Wellness NLP Coach and Holistic Healer, www.aurarevitalise.co.uk

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